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ME 498 Boeing Structures

ME 498 Boeing Structures Class

For the ME 498 final project, my team was tasked with designing a repair for a damaged CFRP horizontal stabilizer. This project was based on a real repair service request Boeing received from a commercial airline company. Repairing the airplane required following FAA and Boeing’s internal guidelines for such a repair, consulting with experts at Boeing, and considering the financial ramifications of the repair. Since the airline suffered major losses each day the plane was grounded, our design was optimized for a quick installation by the airline’s technicians. Below are photos of the damaged aircraft, and a cutout that was made to remove compromised parent structure.


To meet the requirements for stiffness, margin of safety, corrosion, and cost, our design used 2 Titanium L brackets, a Titanium skin patch, and glass fiber to isolate the repair. In our calculation, bearing strength, fatigue, stress, and minimum crack length were preformed to prove that our design met all safety requirements. The report detailing our findings can be found here ( link will be uploaded on 6/15/19).